Cupid's Roar! 2020 Teams Waves Ended



Waves Teams : Team FF Beginner


Buns & Guns Wave 1-A
Crossfit Oblivion Black Wave 1-A
Keeping With The Kids Wave 1-A
Love At First Snatch Wave 1-A
Mini Burrito Wave 1-A
Snatch Made In Heaven Wave 1-A
2 Peas in a WOD Wave 1-B
Box Sqwod Wave 1-B
Deadlifts and Dimples Wave 1-B
Double Trouble Wave 1-B
Salt & Pepper Wave 1-B
Aggressively Average Duo Wave 2-A
Anxious Mayonnaise Wave 2-A
Soysauce Sisters Wave 2-A
The Un-Unbrokens Wave 2-A
WOD Now, Wine Later Wave 2-A
ABBS Wave 2-B
Just Here For A Good Time Wave 2-B
Thick Chicks Wave 2-B
Westside Wave 2-B
Not Sweet, Just Psycho Wave 3-A
Rhino Heartbeatz Wave 3-A
Roaring Tiger Mums Wave 3-A
WOD Chicks Wave 3-A