WODwin is based on the fastest technology out there.

This map shows some of your closest city where web traffic is optimized. WODwin was build to
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WODwin is based on the fastest technology out there

*WODwin.com is not responsible for downtime you may get from your internet service provider and/or network architecture.

WODwin is a web software that works on all devices.

WODwin works on all devices.
Display scores on any TV screens, any computers, any tablets, any smartphones. Nothing to install.

Event Configuration

Event configurationConfigure your event by adding a name, dates, address, website links and more. Create custom categories, assign an athlete to a category and add WODs for each categories. Pretty straight forward. You'll also be able to add : link to your website, link to your registration platform, facebook page and much more. You can also choose how athlete will rank: points by position, points by 100 points chart, points by WODs (50 points chart or 100 points chart).

  • *New* Custom categories
  • *New* Ranking type
  • Registration dates
  • Global stats

*New* Step by step menu

Simple navigationThe new menu has now help information tips in each section. These help tips will guide you through, step by step. Follow these steps and your competition will be setup in 15 minutes. Also, you will be able to manage Waves, WODs, athletes, teams and scores. "Athletes" and "Scores" are divided by men, women and teams. Want to check out if every athlete has a score? Sure! There is a view to help you figure out quickly where athletes scores have been forgotten.

  • *New* Step by step menu
  • *New* Help tips
  • Manage Waves/Heats
  • Manage WODs
  • Manage Athletes
  • Manage Scores

Adding scores: easier than ever

Clear notificationsWODwin provide the easiest way for adding score with a blazing fast search box and a "modify all" filter. Scores may be entered has numbers or time. If you plan to use special tiebreak time, WODwin has a field for that and it's called "TimeBreak". Multiple validations on Scores and TimeBreak will inform you if data is saved or not.

  • *New* Score + TimeBreak
  • Quick adding scores
  • Fast search
  • Clear notifications
  • Score verification overview

Dude, where's the event ?

Know where the event is!Once your competition is 100% configured, WODwin will create a page about: WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. People will find easily your competition and all details you added like event dates, description, website, registration link, and more.

  • *New* Competition promo page
  • *New* WHAT, WHEN, WHERE.
  • Clear information
  • Google Maps link

Live ranking

Clear Live RankingAthletes will see instantly the WODwin responsive (mobile) ranking as you add scores. No need to scroll all the way down to find your name, use the search box for fast filtering. You can browse by categories, WODs, Scores and Waves.

  • *New* Points attribution
  • Live ranking
  • Fast filters
  • Quick search
  • Share on social media

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